The end of May

It’s hard to believe we are at the end of May for 2018.  There have been a lot of great shows and turntable sessions with fellow cut master Tony Markham and my new affiliation, KC Scratchers.  I played a refreshing set with KC Hip Hop legend Negro Scoe and got to rock alongside of Aproach and Lincoln Marshall as well as ID from Archetype.  At the very beginning of the month I was honored to open for an amazing MC and now friend, Count Bass D!  Rest assured Hip Hop and real skills are alive in the midwest and with these tools of mine I’ve been deleting stress, oh yes!  Stay tuned as June promises to keep up the pace with a couple wedding gigs and a return to my hometown to play the Our Lady of Guadalupe Fiesta Car Show 2018.  The Proof is in the Pudding!

Midnight Marauders Mixtape

I belong to an amazing crew of djs here in Lawrence, Kansas.  We are collectively known as the Midnight Marauders.  When we first formed like Voltron, we put together this mix.  At the time, the crew consisted of G Train, Johnny Quest and myself.  Please enjoy.

Change is inevitable

Welcome to the new and improved website!  There is lots to see and hear and upcoming gigs for this year.  Please scroll through and check it all out.  I appreciate your interests in my services.  Improvements and changes will be made regularly.  The Proof is in the pudding!