Dj Proof in the Lawrence Magazine

A couple of years ago I was interviewed and photographed for the Lawrence Magazine.  I can remember getting  up very early to meet the photographer and I was just hoping she used a narrow angle lens.  I think it turned out well and I hope you enjoy it.  Peace.

Deejay Proof’s dance floor killers (Pitch Weekly)

Way back in the days when a dj only brought vinyl out to play a gig, Nick Spacek interviewed me for the Pitch Weekly.  I was asked to give a list of sure fire tracks that got the people out on the floor.  You might enjoy this so give it a read.  Peace!

Dj Proof’s dance floor killers

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Sound Selectors: Meet the Djs who help Lawrence get down

Downtown Lawrence has a vibe of it’s own.  I am fortunate enough to be a member of a  group of disc jockeys that play weekly at various nightclubs in the area.  This artistic community has a great variety of spinners that will please the mind and body.  Talk a walk down Mass. and go where your ears lead you.  There was an article published a while back in “I Heart Local Music”  about myself and some other hot djs.  Check it out!

Sound Selectors: Meet the DJs who help Lawrence get down

Change is inevitable

Welcome to the new and improved website!  There is lots to see and hear and upcoming gigs for this year.  Please scroll through and check it all out.  I appreciate your interests in my services.  Improvements and changes will be made regularly.  The Proof is in the pudding!